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History of PT Pos Logistik Indonesia


PT Pos Indonesia
Parcel Division/Logistics Business Unit


PT Pos Indonesia
Logistics Business Project


PT Pos Indonesia
Strategic Business Unit


PT Pos Logistik Indonesia

Starting from a logistics business project in 2004, then developed into a Strategic Business Unit in 2007, and finally based on a Notary Deed ratified by the Minister of Law and Human Rights in Decree No: AHU-08351.AH.0101 on February 17, 2012, PT Pos Logistik Indonesia was officially established as a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero). With a position as a subsidiary, and supported by workers and a professional team in formulating the strategy and positioning of the business, PT Pos Logistik Indonesia expect to independently operate in order to maximize the logistics business opportunities in Indonesia while utilizing the network of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) that has been built throughout Indonesia, with 4,367 branch offices and 33,000 sales points.

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