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Every work process contains hazard values called Hazard. If the danger is not controlled, it will cause risk (risk) for workers, the risk of material losses, loss of work time, and the cessation of work processes that lead to losses in terms of business. The loss also has an impact after the event, the company must pay the cost of each loss such as accident investigation costs, workers’ medical expenses (if injured), accident insurance costs (if the victim has a disability that can recover or total disability). In addition, companies can also suffer losses from company assets or customers as a result of accidents such as damage to facilities and infrastructure. Injured workers must be given leave to recover according to the severity of the injury so that the company loses work time, while accidents that result in death (fatality) result in the cessation of the work process in an unspecified time. Another thing that is also very important to note as the impact of Hazard is the reduction of the company’s image for business partners and investors.

For this reason, the risk of Hazard must be prevented or reduced by implementing and controlling QHSSE at PT Pos Logistics Indonesia

Through the implementation of QHSSE at PT Pos Logistics Indonesia, customer satisfaction with the quality of controlled logistics services through system improvement and management performance will be sustainable. In achieving the company’s vision and mission in every activity and service, Pos Logistics management is committed to:

  1. Meet the laws and regulations and quality requirements, occupational health and environmental safety from customers, government or related parties that apply according to product requirements, hazards and important environmental aspects;
  2. Preventing work accidents, occupational diseases, and environmental pollution.

All management policies will be reviewed periodically, and submitted to all employees and related third parties to be followed up and applied consistently.

The application of aspects of Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment is a top priority of achieving the company’s operational and business targets, because PT Pos Logistik Indonesia realizes that the aspect of QHSSE is a very important and inseparable element in the criteria for determining the level of qualifications, capabilities and performance of the company.

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