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As a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), and supported by workers and a professional team in formulating the strategy and positioning of the business, PT Pos Logistik Indonesia expect to independently operate in order to maximize the logistics business opportunities in Indonesia while utilizing the network of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) that has been built throughout Indonesia, with 4,367 branch offices and 33,000 sales points.


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Why Poslog?

Pos Logistik makes it easy for all users. With professional staff and experiences that will pamper you in fulfilling your logistical needs.
With the support of the Pos Indonesia group network that covers all of Indonesia, Pos Logistik is the right solution for your logistics needs.
We are ready to meet your various types of logistics needs, from Warehousing, Inventory, Picking & Packing orders. We are ready to customize everything according to your wishes.
With a qualified technology base and competitive human resources, Pos Logistik is ready to provide speed and security to your shipments by offering efficient and competitive rates according to your needs.

PT Pos Logistik Indonesia Serve

Heavy Equipment Transport
Cargo Retail
Customs Import Export Delivery
Warehouse Management
Logistics Management

Our Service

Amid the dynamic logistics industry both in Indonesia and internationally, PT Pos Logistik Indonesia provides services adjusted to customer needs. Here are the services offered by PT Pos Logistik Indonesia.

Poslog’s Business Solution

As Customer

PT Pos Logistik has a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your business's particular needs.

Sebagai Vendor

As one of the largest Logistics companies in Indonesia, we open the opportunity for your company to become a partner provider for us.

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